Mind therapy helps us to find peace of mind by giving us greater knowledge and self-awareness.

One-to-one sessions give us the time and space to deeply explore the mind and discover more about ourselves. This knowledge, insight and greater self-awareness helps to free us from our habitual patterns of thinking and behaviour, the result is that we feel happier and more at peace with ourselves.

Cornelius is a mind and meditation expert who has studied Eastern philosophy and the human mind for over 17 years. He has a lot of experience working with people who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress.

Our efforts to lose weight are often thwarted by our emotional relationship with food. We often over eat to feel better, but the more we eat the more weight we put on. The more weight we put on the worse we feel, and the worse we feel the more we eat. This vicious circle of comfort eating can only be broken by addressing the underlying emotions that cause us to over eat.

One-to-one mind therapy sessions give us the opportunity to explore our issues around food and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. These sessions help us to uproot the underlying anxiety, negative thinking and unresolved emotions that fuel our negative relationship with food.  He has worked with diet specialists and nutritionists for a number of years to help provide lasting solutions to those who wish to resolve their negative relationship with food and maintain a healthy weight.

60 minute appointment: £140

90 minute appointment: £210

If you are unsure of how many sessions you require or wish to discuss things with Cornelius you can call him directly on 07894 725444.