Metabolic Balance® is a revolution in weight loss, using cutting edge science to deliver a unique and tailored nutritional programme.

Metabolic Balance® maximises weight loss by adjusting the body’s metabolism and improving the health of the body. Replacing the fad diet and the one size fits all approach, Metabolic Balance® delivers a nutritional programme that is specific for your body. No plan is the same!

Each programme produced is individualised based on blood test results and your health information. The tailored 4-phase programme is completely healthy, balanced and no food groups are eliminated. Better still you don’t need to use any supplements, you can get everything you need from your supermarket. The plan is based on consuming 3 meals a day and changes the way you think about food forever. As well as being an excellent weight management programme, Metabolic Balance® has had success with those having issues with: * Type 2 Diabetes * Rheumatism * Migraines * Insulin resistance * High blood pressure * Fatigue * High cholesterol * Osteoporosis * Menopause and related symptoms * Allergies * PCOS

“Not only have I lost the weight but my blood markers have normalised including cholesterol and glucose.” T Smith.

How does it work:

1. Initially you call us to book your appointment. Here we shall discuss whether Metabolic Balance® is right for you. We will take the necessary measurements and talk through what your goals are. We will then discuss with you the necessary arrangements to get your blood samples taken at a specific laboratory.

2. Once the blood samples have been analysed, they are sent to your Nutritional Therapist. The data will be assessed and your individual plan will be created.

3. You are then ready to go. You will be guided through each step of the programme with your coach where you will be supported for at least 3 months through a number of consultations (face-to-face, Skype, telephone).

Our coaches have sampled the programme for themselves so not only know the effects of Metabolic Balance® but understand the difficulties that may occur when on the plan. Thanks to our individualised approach you the will also have the knowledge and skills to make these changes last once your desired results have been achieved.

The plan includes:

  • The initial consultation (initial cost of £25, offset against the price of the plan).
  • A comprehensive laboratory blood test worth £245 (You will be asked to avoid exercise for 24 hours and the sample must be fasting; having avoided food for 12 hours).
  • Your plan
  • A consultation to discuss your individual plan
  • A consultation one week into the plan
  • 4 more consultations over the 3 months
  • Regular contact to keep you motivated

The Cost

The blood test, plan with 5 consultations face-to-face or Skype consultations with reasonable email & telephone support. £850

“The diet is simple, easy to follow and I don’t feel hungry. The support from Daniel is second to none and finally i’ve managed to shift the weight where other diets couldn’t”  S. Evans


Why Choose Us?

We understand your weight loss journey may need a little bit of help along the way so we pride ourself on being on hand to help motivate you and ensure your success. Whether you have a question about the plan of just need a little bit of encouragement, we are here for you to call, text or email when you need to speak with one of the team. The team have tried and tested Metabolic Balance® so not only know the plan inside out but also know where you might need a little bit of extra support.

All our packages are flexible and can be modified to suit your needs. At your initial consultation we will discuss all the options with you. Packages can also be paid in instalments. Contact us now to book your appointment.

Disclaimer: The Metabolic Balance® programme does not replace your requirement for your usual consultations with your medical practitioner, in particular in relation to permanent symptoms requiring medical supervision. Please click here if you would like more information on Metabolic Balance®.
Metabolic Balance® is offered from clinics in London & Berkshire (Maidenhead, Cookham, Marlow, Windsor).

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