Corporate Wellbeing Solutions

We work with organisations and companies attempting to increase employee wellbeing, contributing to decreased sickness and increased retention.
Alternatively if you are looking to prepare individuals for leadership, we can assist this process of ensuring those are ready to face the challenges with sound body and mind.

The Naked Nutritionist pride ourselves in offering a complete corporate solution that is tailored to your organisations requirements.
we specialise in:
Nutrition and Meditation talks across a range of subjects, for example – energy and stress management.
Weekly Nutrition or Meditation Classes
Nutrition & Mind Leadership Preparation Consultancy

We can also provide Wheat-free & Gluten-Free Functional Food Catering Service for Employees.
Examples of items include:

  • Mini lentil burgers
  • Kale crisps
  • Sun dried tomato and olive flax crackers with beetroot dip
  • Banana and pecan muffins
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